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I truly believe that foster parents are the backbone of child welfare and that the strength and effectiveness of a fostering community lies within the collective vision of its members.

I’m confident that when foster parents unite, their voices grow stronger and clearer. I hope that my website will inspire you to stay tuned into our Canadian fostering issues by actively supporting your local Foster Parent Association or Fostering Network.

Have fun exploring my site and feel free to drop a comment or contact me directly. Most importantly please come visit again and remember to always “foster love”.


The Foster Parent Survival Guide provides a straightforward account of the child welfare matrix and teaches workers and foster parents how to navigate this complex social structure together.

The Foster Parent Survival Guide is a must read book for both new and experienced foster parents. Wonderful, and interesting reading. The author’s personal experiences throughout the book make it more down to earth and real.”

Sheila Durnford, President
Canadian Foster Family Association

“Landy’s experience as a former foster parent in both the public and private fostering systems, adoptive parenting, kinship parenting and now as a senior manager in the Child Welfare System have given her a unique understanding of this system.

The Foster Parent Survival Guide, although written in Ontario, contains valuable information that highlights the fact that, although child welfare legislation may differ depending on where you live, the epiphanies that you will realize after reading this book know no boundaries. It should also be a mandatory teaching tool for all of those involved in the Child Welfare System.”

Cecile Brookes, President
Foster Parents Society of Ontario

“This is by far the best book that I have read regarding fostering. Anyone who is a foster parent or works in child welfare should read this book. I have taken away something valuable from each chapter. I was sorry when I turned the last page because I could have kept reading on and on!”

Nancy Barry, President
York Region Foster Parent Association

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